(P)art 1: Even At Our Worst…

Looking at the life I have chosen, it has become clear that the price of the stability I’ve sought is the ever-looming threat of the eradication of art in my day-to-day. This is not new–art is devalued, misunderstood, and perverted by a society that seeks compliance above all else.

The paltry act of recognition I have to offer–as both a lifeline to myself and as a hopeful missive aimed towards the contribution to a soothing salve for those who feel the abject unease of a society so rife with inequity–is to cram as much art as I can into the edges and breaks of my current existence. It is my hope to constantly overflow with art.

This undeniable truth, put most succinctly by Keith Haring, is what I offer you in this unfolding series:

“Art is for everybody.”


On August 5, 2016, I walked into Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor in Seattle, WA for a much anticipated appointment to get my first ever tattoo with CharlieGrrl.

Being incredibly anxious, I’d scoured the internet and pumped Tiana at VintyHippage for advice and expectations. I was worried that unable to take the pain, I’d betray myself as a soft, bourgeois office worker (all words that can be used to accurately describe me, btw) to no only one, but several artists I respect. Like usual, my worry was unnecessary, but what can you do when you know it’s just your mind trying to tell you that it cares?


~End of (P)art 1~