Who I am today is not necessarily who I’ll be tomorrow. Today I feel a bit exposed, as if a small part of me has been grated raw. But tomorrow I may not feel like this. I could sink further into this feeling, becoming more ragged until I protectively curl in around my pain. Or I could pretend as if I don’t feel it at all and refuse to tend it in the hopes it will go away. But I hope I won’t do either. 

See, I have been practicing inner peace, Bruce Lee style, in the hopes that when I am too tired to call on it, it will automatically be there. I will be the first to acknowledge how silly my inner world sounds, but I also know that when it is wielded correctly absurdity is one of the most powerful tools one can have.

For now I will cultivate all that I have and do my best to prepare for what comes next.


Published by

e lewis

I'm a bibliophile with a love of social justice theory living in the Pacific North West trying to figure life out.

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