Book Review: People Styles at Work…And Beyond 2nd Ed.

At its heart, People Styles is basically a reminder that we all need to treat each other with care.
Robert Bolton & Dorothy Grover Bolton outline what they see as 4 different communication styles that people tend to fall into: Analytical, Amicable, Expressive, and Driver. They focus on behaviors, which they detach from judgments. This way of viewing behavior allows the reader to identify the people styles of those around them, as well as their own style in a way that encourages the reader to value difference.
Personally, I found People Styles a bit repetitive and obvious, neither of which I view as a negative. People Styles is a self-help/educational book, so if it wasn’t repetitive it would be easy to miss key information. People Styles did help explain some behaviors I’d experienced that mystified me, but mostly it confirmed suspicions or reinforced beliefs I already held. Still, it’s easy readability combined with helpful coping strategies and reminders to make decisions more consciously and act from a place of empathy were welcome.
I’d highly recommend this book, especially if you work in an office.