Book Review: This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett

Bottom line:

Dearest reader, buy this book. Better yet, buy it from Parnassus Books, or go to another local, independent bookstore, which should have This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage on hand and will definitely be able to order it for you if they don’t. Trust me. This is a favor you are doing for yourself.

I am biased. I have worked on and off in bookstores (mostly local independents) for two and a half years of my life. I am also biased because I adore Ann Patchett. I think that she is incredibly wise and generous. As a matter of fact, I turned to This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage for advice, because no other author I know of quite understands grief, love, and the importance of passing on wisdom like Ann Patchett does. This collection of essays contains solid advice for burgeoning writers, and equally apt instructions on how to care for those in your life going through difficult times. It is entertaining, never preachy, and clever in ways that made me swoon with admiration and appreciation. Ultimately, This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage inspired me to write more, live more freely, and feel slightly more entitled to my own life.

Bottom, bottom line:

Ann Patchett has so much to offer. It would be foolish to pass this funny, warm, and intelligent book of bite-sized morsels up.


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e lewis

I'm a bibliophile with a love of social justice theory living in the Pacific North West trying to figure life out.

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